Paint and WordPad will become optional features in Windows 10

Paint in Windows 10

Microsoft is planning to offer both Microsoft Paint and WordPad
as an ‘Optional’ feature with Windows 10’s Spring 2020 update.
In Build 18963 of Windows 10 20H1, which is the next major
update for the operating system that will arrive in the first
half of next year, both Microsoft Paint and WordPad have become
optional features.

Microsoft has quietly added both apps to the list of Optional
Features in the Settings app, a page that allows you to access
optional features and apps. With this setting, you can add and
subtract optional features and tools, including Internet
Explorer and Windows Media Player.

This also means that Paint and WordPad can be uninstalled from
Windows 10. Clicking on Paint or Word in that list will present
you with uninstall option. After clicking on the uninstall
button, you will have to restart the device, and then Paint or
WordPad will be gone from your installation.

Paint uninstalled

If you wish to reenable the app, you will have to open the same
settings again and click on ‘Add a Feature’ button, which will
take you to a list of available features and apps. In the next
screen, you’ll also find Paint and WordPad listed in
alphabetical order with an ‘Install’ button.

A system reboot is required to reinstall the optional features.

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