Paint 3D app for Windows 10 receives new feature in latest update

Paint 3D for Windows 10 PC
Image Courtesy: Microsoft

Microsoft  has pushed out a new update for its Paint 3D
app for Windows 10 users. The latest update comes with option
to allow users to save their projects in GIF or MP4 Video

The Paint 3D app is Microsoft’s latest solution for creativity
on Windows 10. Unlike the classic app, the Paint 3D app comes
with advanced features by focusing more on the 3D content.
Paint 3D allows the users to create and edit in 3D. To continue
with the focus of 3D, Microsoft in the latest update has added
the option to export content to video formats.

Paint 3D might soon become a real professional tool for
creating in 3D and is also easy and simple to use for
beginners. The new feature allows users to make changes to the
format of the output file, width and height. Users will be
able to find the option within the saving UI option and you can
find it yourself from File > Save as > Video.

You will also find the options to edit the file with animations
like turntable, swing, jump and turn, speed and number of
loops. Once edited you will be able to send the output file,
depending the size of the file exporting to video might take
some time.

The latest update comes with new version 5.1806.20057.0
for Windows 10 users and is available for download from the
Microsoft Store.

It’s worth noting that Microsoft isn’t planning to kill the
classic Paint app. The tech giant has reassured Windows users
that the beloved paint app is here to stay.

Instead, the company plans to bring the MS Paint to the
Microsoft Store (formerly Windows Store).

“MS Paint is here to stay, it will just have a new home soon,
in the Windows Store where it will be available for free,”
Microsoft said last year.

Microsoft’s new and improved creativity app, Paint 3D, also
features some of users’ favourite MS Paint features.

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