Overwatch Unveils More Summer Games Skins


Overwatch Unveils More Summer Games Skins

August 6, 2018Written by Janet Garcia

Overwatch Summer Skins

Overwatch is one of the most beloved recent shooters. One of its big selling points is its lively roster of heroes, which recently added its 28th character. Additionally, the game’s special events help hold player’s interest in the franchise. All of this means there’s plenty of excitement for the third annual Overwatch Summer Games event, which kicks off August 9, 2018.

We’ll be greeted with familiar Overwatch Summer Games modes, like Lucio Ball, as well as fresh new skins, a feature most fans can’t help but obsess over. Below are the skins announced so far:

This version of D.VA is the perfect blend of aquatic beach vibes and playful femininity.

Cabana Ana is an excellent name, and the design creates an amusing contrast between her stern demeanor, unique role of support sniper and her laidback sun hat.

Gridironhardt is an equally iconic premise. This skin compliments Reinhardt’s strong, bulky design, because football is bold and aggressive in nature.

Winston as a catcher is admittedly my least favorite design, but I love his small shades and can appreciate any design that includes a jetpack stuffed with baseballs.

Get ready for all this and more when Overwatch Summer Games begin on August 9, 2018. What summer skins would you like to see? Make a splash in the comments section below!

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