Overwatch Player Progress Could Soon Be Shared Across Platforms

For almost as long as video games have been around, players have wanted the ability to play against each other no matter what platform they are on. Xbox players want to fight PC gamers and PS4 gamers and vice versa. The catch is that Sony isn’t into cross-platform action. Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan, who is also the VP of Blizzard Entertainment, has let slip that Overwatch players might gain the ability to share progress between game consoles and PCs.


Kaplan said in an interview recently that his team has “frequent and ongoing discussions about” adding that feature. Kaplan also noted that sharing progress between consoles and PC would be “something [the team at Blizzard] would like to explore.” This would be a really big deal for the players who like to play Overwatch on a console at a friend’s house and on a PC at home.

No more separate accounts would be needed for the different platforms and there would be no need to level up different characters individually. This move might also mean that any upgrades from loot boxes or skins could be shared between platforms. Just because Kaplan and his team are into the idea of adding this feature doesn’t mean it will happen. Kaplan is on record saying that adding a cross-platform progress feature is “challenging for many reasons.”

Kaplan has said the feature is a “valid desire that players have and is something that the Overwatch team would love to figure out.” He continued, stating the team “will continue to work on it to make it happen someday, if [the Overwatch team] can get around some of the challenges that they are faced with.” Blizzard is eyeing lots of new features for Overwatch, one of them is a possible battle royale mode. Overwatch did add new features to prevent you from being put on a team with someone you don’t want to play with last month.

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