Overwatch D.Va-Themed Challenge Lets You Score Limited-Time Loot


Overwatch D.Va-Themed Challenge Lets You Score Limited-Time Loot

August 29, 2018Written by Aidan Simonds

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D.Va, Overwatch’s resident mech fighter, has been in the spotlight lately! She recently received her own animated short and the upcoming Busan map involves her hometown. To celebrate, Blizzard has announced “D.Va’s Nano Cola Challenge.” The limited-time event will have you engage in activities both inside and outside the game until September 10, 2018, with themed loot as a reward.

D.Va’s Nano Cola Challenge rewards players for winning games in Quick Play, Competitive Play, and Arcade. If you are able to win three games, you will get two exclusive D.Va sprays, while six wins will get you a nice new player icon. Those who win nine games will be rewarded with the Nano Cola D.Va epic skin!

You can take a look at the vibrant new skin in the video below:

Extra-dedicated Overwatch fans will be rewarded even when they’re not playing. Blizzard has teamed up with select Twitch streamers to provide players the opportunity to earn special D.Va stickers. You will earn stickers for every two hours of streams watched, for up to eight hours total.

To qualify for the Twitch rewards, you must connect your Blizzard account to your Twitch account. Each streamer will have a highlighted time during the D.Va’s Nano Cola Challenge, and tuning in during those periods will give you a chance to earn stickers for watching. All the information, including the rewards and Twitch schedule, can be found below:

D.Va’s Nano Cola Challenge is live now and lasts until September 10, 2018. You could even utilize some of our tips on how to improve your Overwatch SR while taking part!

[Source: Blizzard]

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