Outlook for Android now lets you block external images in emails

Outlook for Android

Microsoft Outlook for Android received a new update on June 22,
and the software giant has added a new option that lets you
block external images in emails. You can, however, unblock
pictures that you think are safe to download.

It’s not a big update but you can now configure Outlook to
manage the images you receive in the emails. The feature can be
accessed from settings, and there’s a toggle that quickly lets
you block or unblock external images.

In the changelog published on Google Play Store, Microsoft’s
Outlook team explains that the update also includes performance
improvements and bug fixes.

Support to block external images in emails is actually a useful
feature for security and privacy. In other words, blocking
pictures can help protect your devices. The automatic blocking
of the picture from external sources would help you avoid
viewing potentially offensive material, keep malicious code
away from damaging the data on your phone and more.

“You can choose to block external images in emails. Turn this
on by going to Settings and tapping on the account where you’d
like it enabled. All of our weekly updates also include
performance improvements and bug fixes to make Outlook better
for you,” Microsoft explains in a changelog.

Apparently, it also allows you to decide whether you would like
to download images or not, and this is a useful feature if
you’re on a low-bandwidth connection. You might want to turn on
the feature if you would like to save some data.

You’ll need to head into Settings to turn it off or

  • Open Outlook on your Android phone, and navigate to
    Settings from the hamburger menu.
  • Select your email address, and you will find a toggle
    next to Block External Images that allows you to
    configure the feature.

As noted above, the update also includes performance
improvements and bug fixes to improve the overall experience.

A while ago, Microsoft revamped Outlook experience on Android,
and it lets you do more from one powerful inbox.

If you have an Outlook account and Android phone, then you
can head to the Google Play Store and download the update.

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