Our World is Ended director starts work on ‘New World Project 2,’ likely for PS4 and Switch


Our World is Ended

Red Entertainment’s Naoki Morita, who drafted the story and directed the PS Vita “new world adventure” game Our World is Ended, has confirmed to have started work on a “New World Project 2.”

In a blog post, Morita said that the project will soon start at full-scale, and shared the following tidbits that have currently been decided:

  • It is a completely new game.
  • It is a novel-style adventure game (a new world adventure).
  • The world view is the same as Our World is Ended (in other words, the real world).
  • The story’s setting is [redacted]. Just like Our World is Ended, various places will appear in the place by their real names.
  • While the setting and characters are completely new, there will be some things that sound like Our World is Ended-things in some respects.
  • It is for consoles (probably PlayStation 4 and Switch; currently it is not planned for PS Vita).
  • The theme is “youth,” with seven male and female characters appearing as the main cast. (Everyone may not have noticed, but Our World is Ended‘s theme was aslso youth.)
  • The title will have the word “World” in it.

Further details were not announced.

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