Our first look at Windows 10’s new Action Center design upgrade

Microsoft could give the interface of the Action Center in
Windows 10 a major overhaul, according to new code reference
spotted in preview builds.

It appears that Action Center could soon use
UI components from Windows 10X in an effort to improve
consistency across all products.

For those unfamiliar, Windows 10X comes with a new Action
Center experience, which is based on the same approach as in
Windows 10, but it provides access to settings and
notifications/alerts in a different way.

On Windows 10X, Action Center is split into two panels and the
user interface is adjusted automatically when you receive
notifications or expand the quick actions tab, as shown in the
screenshot below.

Windows 10X Action Center

In the preview builds, Microsoft is now testing a Windows
10X-like converged Action Center experience for Windows 10
where the Action Center will be split into two different panels
– notifications (app alerts) and quick actions (settings).

New Action Center
Image Courtesy: Albacore

For example, notifications will be separated in their own
dialog, with each entry displaying the message and the name of
the app. The quick actions will appear at the bottom of the
screen, as shown in the screenshot below:

Action Center

It’s technically based on the same approach as in Windows 10
and the quick actions are nearly the same as on Windows 10, but
Microsoft is introducing support for icons in the context menu
and Fluent Design acrylic effect, which means the desktop
background image will be visible when you open the Action

The new Action Center is in the early stage of development and
it currently looks different from the Action Center on Windows
10X. The plan is to split up Action Center into two panels
where the quick actions will appear at the very bottom and
notifications will appear above in a separate panel.

According to reports,
Windows 10’s redesign codenamed “Sun Valley” could be
unveiled in October 2021 and the RTM build will be finalized in
June 2021.

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