Our first look at Google’s Flutter-based UWP apps for Windows 10

Flutter for Windows 10

Flutter cross-platform UI framework is one of the
fastest-growing languages on Github for mobile apps, web apps,
and even desktop apps. Google first announced Flutter in
December 2018 for the mobile platform before expanding the
frameworks to the web, macOS, Linux, and now Windows 10.

According to Google, more than 500,000 developers are already
using the framework and 80,000 Flutter-built Android apps have
been published to Google Play Store so far.

Microsoft has also offered support for Flutter frameworks on
Surface Duo via its SDK and Flutter samples.

Google has already confirmed that Windows desktop support is in
technical preview, but the tooling isn’t yet
stable. Previously,
Google suggested that Flutter could be supported on Win32 and
UWP apps via an ’embedder’ where Flutter can be embedded.

Now, it appears that Flutter UWP apps could be coming to the
Windows 10 Store sooner than expected if a new Proof of Concept
(PoC) is taken into consideration.

Flutter UWP

According to a new Microsoft Store listing, it appears that
someone from Google’s Flutter desktop development team has
published an example (proof-of-concept) that shows off a UWP
app made using the Flutter framework for Windows 10.

“An example demo that shows the Flutter framework running as a
UWP on Windows. This app is a proof-of-concept at this time,”
the Microsoft Store listing reads.

Strangely, this Microsoft Store listing isn’t discoverable with
web search engines, which appears to suggest that Google is not
yet ready to share more details.

According to a bug post on
Github, Googlers are working with Microsoft to enable UWP
support in Flutter frameworks. Based on recent discussions,
Google is currently trying to figure out how they’re going to
enable debugging, hot reload, etc for the UWP-based Flutter

In June, Tim Sneath, a Google product manager for Dart and
Flutter – noted that Flutter would make a great fit for Windows
10, 10X, Surface devices, and even Win32 desktop apps.

“[We] would gladly support a close collaboration with Microsoft
to build a high-quality solution,” Google’s product manager

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