Oppo R17 official, may offer peek at OnePlus 6T design

Oppo R17 official

In the past, we’ve seen OnePlus borrow designs from Oppo for its smartphones, like the Oppo R15 looking similar to the OnePlus 6. Now a new Oppo phone has debuted that could give us a preview of OnePlus’s next phone.

The Oppo R17 is now official. Like many other recent smartphones, it’s got a notch at the top of its screen, but the Oppo R17’s notch is different because it’s more like a small dip than a large cutout at the top of the display. There’s also a small chin at the bottom of the screen and a dual camera setup around back.

When it comes to specs, the Oppo R17 offers a 6.4-inch 2280×1080 display, Snapdragon 670 processor, 8GB of RAM, and 128GB of built-in storage. There’s a 3500mAh battery in there, too, along with a fingerprint reader that’s built into the display near the bottom.

After following the OnePlus 3 with the OnePlus 3T and the OnePlus 5 with the OnePlus 5T, many people are expecting a OnePlus 6T to be announced later this year. It’s possible that the OP6T could borrow this Oppo R17’s design, which would probably please folks who hate the notch since the R17’s notch is so small. 

Both the OnePlus 3T and OnePlus 5T were announced in mid-November, so if OnePlus is planning a 6T, it could still be a few months out. Would you be interested in the OnePlus 6T if it used a design similar to this Oppo R17?

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