Opera 53 for Windows is now available to download

Opera Browser
Image Courtesy: Opera.com

Opera is today releasing a new update to its stable version of
the browser on Windows. The latest release of the Opera
Browser comes with optimizations to tab’s display and
more. Opera 53 which is based on Chromium 66.0.3359.45 is
being rolled out with other enhancements and a set of bug fixes
and performance improvements.

Opera’s latest release comes with many new improvements to the
tab appearance, especially for Mac users. The new tab
improvements let users expand the tab by just clicking on the
relevant tab. This option makes it easier for users to manage
the tab interface.

“Today, we’re transitioning Opera 53 from the beta line to
stable. This build revamps the appearance of tabs and the
address bar,” said Krystian Kolondra, EVP Desktop at Opera.

The tab optimizations are also being rolled out to all Windows
users along with Linux and Mac users who have downloaded Opera
on their desktops. Opera is also introducing a revamped address
bar which appears to be more user-friendly.

“Mac users find it difficult to locate and manage a particular
tab when many of them are open. We figured out a way to
optimize this and made your plentiful tabs’ favicons more
visible,” he added.

This revamp helps users access the most used websites. The
address bar has now been with some new colours and other
enhancements which lets users easily access the websites.

The revamped News section is also being added under Speed Dial
which is currently available for all users. But for the News
Section to appear under Speed Dial users would need to provide
their consent.

The latest update also fixes issues with favicons for bookmarks
along with crashes for users who reported issue while clicking
the VPN button. The latest Opera 53 release is available
to download on Microsoft’s Windows operating system.

This is the same update which was rolled out to some Beta
testers last month with new features and is now being made
available for all Opera users on Windows, Mac and Linux.

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