Open-world aventure platformer Spirit of Glace announced for consoles, PC


Spirit of Glace

Tommy Visic, creator of a 2004-released platformer Glace, has announced a reinvented Spirit of Glace for PC. It will be accessible for “most consoles,” as good as for PC, Mac, and Linux around Steam. A recover date was not announced.

Here is an overview of a game, around a Steam page:


Spirit of Glace is a story-rich, open-world journey platformer that tells a memorable story of Glace, a tiny quadruped who unexpected appears out of nowhere during a bizarre experiment. Deemed an neglected byproduct, Glace is expel divided to a failing universe where a inhabitants desire for assistance opposite a puzzling force.

In Spirit of Glace, players beam a small purple blob as he explores an different universe rendered in beautiful pixel art. Help Glace learn loyal purpose by anticipating his family and guarding their universe opposite a entrance curse darkness. Players will find a uninformed platforming journey as they run, jump, quarrel and rebound by a environment.

Spirit of Glace is formed on a strange title, Glace, from 2004 and is a finish reboot / reimagination brought to we by a strange developer.

Key Features

  • An open world to try during your possess pace. Discover landmarks and revisit locations by roaming about on an overworld map (similar to Zelda 2). You’ll navigate grassy meadows, ghastly swamps, snowy mountains, moonscapes and most more.
  • A strong importance on story, peculiarity lore, and courtesy to detail. Discover a universe full of life, legend, and history.
  • Some fresh purple platforming action. Glace competence be bashful though he’s got moves. Falling off a edge is only an event to rebound off a building and rocket behind adult with finesse. Dash mid-air, hurl from ledges, rebound off walls, and strech flattering most any place we can see (or not see).
  • Attack your foes with weapons that are only plain fun to use, like articulate enchanting beads that fire out, rebound around, and zip behind to you.
  • Rebuild a universe and clear powers by doing so. Tend to a tip garden, assistance reconstruct a encampment in a swamp, classify a penguin rebellion opposite a foe.
  • Experience an enchanting soundtrack delicately crafted by a composer of a strange 2004 game.
  • Dozens of passive ability-enhancing relics to collect and upgrade.
  • Built for replaying. A rewind automechanic encourages we to take warranted powers and diversion state to a subsequent playthrough where you’ll knowledge new story elements and aloft levels of challenge. Keep your relics, abilities, softened locations, etc.
  • Dynamic encounters within stages and dungeons that rearrange themselves after each playthrough.

Watch a proclamation trailer below. View a initial screenshots during a gallery.

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