Open-world movement RPG Dysmantle announced for PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC



10tons has announced Dysmantle, an “open-world movement RPG where we hurt everything,” for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC. A redeem date was not announced.

Here is an overview of a game, around a Steam page:


As we rise from your preserve after a prolonged prolonged years, a dauntless new aged universe awaits you. A universe inhabited with nasty and sinister creatures. A universe with no other tellurian essence to be seen. A universe with inlet in reigns now. A universe that’s about to get even worse.

You need to find a approach to shun a unlucky island. But before that, suffer a bittersweet apocalypse.

Key Features

  • Break over 99 percent of all objects for materials with a right tools. No separator will stop you.
  • Fight with (or run away) nasty and sinister creatures of a post-apocalyptic era.
  • Explore a domestic open universe and expose a mysteries.
  • Survive. Clear areas of monsters and explain it as yours.
  • Build outposts to settle your presence.
  • Craft permanent weapons, tools, outfits, and trinkets.
  • Hunt dangerous diversion or tame them for your post-apocalyptic zoo ranch.
  • Farm outlandish plants and reap a rewards as stand gets ripe.
  • Solve puzzles above belligerent and subterraneous in a Tombs of a Old Ones
  • Fish deceit scaly things underneath a flowing surface.
  • Cook juicy recipes for permanent stat and ability upgrades.

Post-Apocalyptic Leisure

Explore a hull of a past and learn record from a hitech era. Gain technological advantage opposite a antagonistic environment. Or go deeper and redeem a ancient mislaid believe from a dark tomb chambers of a aged ones. Acquire materials with roughly magic-like properties and use them to qualification insanely absolute gear.

Craft and Gear Up

Over 99% of all can be damaged for materials with a right equipment. Do that, and collect a honeyed nectar of a aged world: plastics, rubber, and metals. There is a reasonable series of opposite materials to gather. Find Recipes to qualification permanent equipment and upgrades.

Explore a World

Explore a immeasurable hand-crafted open universe and build Outposts to settle your presence. Claim behind a land area by area. Find dark treasures and solve puzzles prolonged ago forgotten. Find your means of evading a island.

Fight or Flight?

The universe after a finish is inhabited by nasty creatures. Something sinister has influenced many of a wildlife and former tellurian inhabitants of a island — branch them into assertive beast-like creatures. Slay them and collect their rob – or run divided and come behind when you’re stronger. Fight regulating several m�lange and ranged weapons. Create traps and captivate monsters in. Do whatever it takes.

Thrive, Never Starve!

You will not be fighting only to say a standing quo. This IS NOT a diversion about starving. You won’t be constantly looking for a juicy cockroach to fill your over-metabolic stomach while watchful for a destined tranquillity that is death. You will never die of hunger. You will get some-more powerful, and clear permanent upgrades. The universe is a dangerous place, and we might take a few stairs behind once in a while, though eventually we will thrive.

Enjoy a bittersweet apocalypse.

In Development

I consider this is flattering obvious, though a diversion is still in development. This means a sum will still change and facilities might get added, changed, or removed. More sum will be announced during 2019!

Our group is not really big, so things take time. We’re also building a possess really record and 3D engine for a diversion during a same time. We like to make certain we can do all a crazy things we wish — while ensuring all runs uniformly on inclination from PCs next-generation consoles to mobile phones (and maybe toasters in a future).

Watch a proclamation trailer below.

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