OnePlus to ditch OxygenOS for ColorOS in 2022


Yesterday we heard more details about OnePlus plans for their integration with Oppo. Now we have some details on what the company has planned for its OxygenOS software.

The company will not use OxygenOS going forward, instead they will be using Oppo’s Color OS for their future devices.

This will happen in 2022, the two operating systems already share the same codebase so it makes sense for them to use just one OS in the future.

For some of you, this news might give you some doubts. Believe me, I read many of your comments online every day. But I would like to tell you confidently that after overseeing the product development of both systems for a year, I believe that the unified operating system will keep the DNA of OxygenOS that many of you love so much, while also giving you an upgraded experience overall. And of course, OnePlus has a unique group of users, therefore we will customize the unified OS specifically for OnePlus devices to make sure it meets your expectations, for example by keeping it as clean and lightweight as before, and continuing to support unlock bootloaders.

In terms of timeline, for global OnePlus devices, we will first introduce the integrated OS with the launch of our next flagship series in 2022. The integration will be fully completed together with the next major Android update in 2022. We will share more details about when specific devices will receive the new OS at a later date.

You can find out more details about the company’s plans for their future devices and software at the link below.

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