OnePlus shows all-black Concept One variant

OnePlus Concept One black

The OnePlus Concept One was shown off at CES earlier this month with disappearing rear cameras and a bright orange leather back. While the special glass and disappearing cameras were cool, the orange leather may have been a bit too much for some folks. Those folks may like the prototype model that OnePlus teased this week, though.

OnePlus has shown off the Concept One with black leather on the back instead of orange leather. That gives the phone a blacked out look that’ll definitely appeal to a lot of people.

According to Kevin Tao of the OnePlus Industrial Design team, this blacked out Concept One is a prototype model that was made in the early stages of the phone’s development.

Tao also explains that this was the first time that OnePlus experimented with a leather back on a phone and that it liked what it found. “We believe leather is a material that achieves the premium build quality we strive for, providing a soft touch, while also create a thinner handfeel when compared to glass,” Tao said.

OnePlus Concept One prototype

They added that OnePlus could use a similar back design in the future. If they do, OnePlus plans to explore alternative materials that can achieve the same look and feel as leather while being more environmentally friendly and easier to keep clean in the long term.

What do you think of this blacked out OnePlus Concept One? Would you buy one if it were available to consumers?

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