OnePlus #PMChallenge invites you to design a new OxygenOS feature

OnePlus 6T

Think you know the one feature that OnePlus needs to add to OxygenOS? If so, the company’s new contest is for you.

OnePlus today announced the Product Manager Challenge, which tasks you with coming up with the next OxygenOS feature. Senior members of the OxygenOS software team will pick the best idea to add to OxygenOS. When it’s ready, the #PMChallenge winner will be flown to a OnePlus launch event and receive a OnePlus device.

To enter, you’ll need to visit the OnePlus forums and complete a product pitch similar to the one that OxygenOS product managers use. You’ll need to answer questions like “What is the proposed function?” and “What is the user value?” as well as include directions and details using diagram sketches.

We often see suggestions about how a smartphone or an OS would be great if it could add this one specific feature, and OnePlus’s Product Manager Challenge is a way for OxygenOS users to actually add a feature to OnePlus’s software. It’ll be more work than just typing out your suggestion in a text box, but you’ll also get a taste of what OnePlus’s software team does on a daily basis.

To learn more about the contest and get your planning started, hit the link below.

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