OnePlus Optimized Charging feature will help conserve your battery’s health

OnePlus battery settings

That OnePlus Concept One with disappearing cameras isn’t the only bit of news that OnePlus has for us this week.

OnePlus today teased a new feature that it’s working on called Optimized Charging. It’s meant to help save your phone battery’s health by waiting until you’re nearly ready to get out of bed before charging it all the way up to 100%.

With Optimized Charging turned on, your phone will charge up to 80% and then suspend using OnePlus’s “user sleep cycle detection”. This means that your phone will learn when you typically get up and take your phone off its charger and then wait to charge fully until then. Your phone will start charging 100 minutes before your daily wake up time, your first alarm, or first event.

For example, if your phone learns that you typically get up at around 8:00 am, it’ll charge up to 80% and hold there until around 6:20 am. At that resume charging so that it hits 100% right around 8:00 am when you wake up.

You’ll be able to turn on Optimized Charging by going into your Settings app and then going into the Battery section and toggling the feature on. When activated, you’ll see a different battery icon in your status bar and you’ll also get a muted notification to let you know that Optimized Charging is turned on. That notification will also serve as a quick way to turn off Optimized Charging if you just want your phone to charge fully right away.

There’s no word yet on when Optimized Charging might launch or which phones it might be available on. OnePlus is already planning improvements for the feature, though, saying that it will improve its user sleep cycle detection to adapt to different sleep times, like if you’re staying up late on the weekends or changing time zones.

We’ve seen some other smartphone makers place a focus on battery health with features similar to Optimized Charging, and so it’s nice to see OnePlus doing the same thing. Lots of consumers keep their phones for several years, and so features like this one are useful for helping to prolong a battery’s life and allow people to wait longer before having to buy a new battery. That’s especially useful nowadays when most smartphones’ batteries are not user replaceable.

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