OnePlus Nord 2 x PAC-MAN Edition unveiled

OnePlus Nord 2 x PAC-MAN Edition

OnePlus is launching a new special edition version of its Nord 2 smartphone, the OnePlus Nord 2 x PAC-MAN.

The new Nord 2 x PAC-MAN Edition’s exact design has not been unveiled as yet, we will let to see that in the next few weeks.

Okay, so what makes the OnePlus Nord 2 x PAC-MAN Edition so special? Well, that all starts with its color, material, and finish (CMF). The handset comes with a reimagined rear cover boasting a dual film design with phosphorescent ink applied to its innermost film that enables the device to glow in the dark. Yes, you read that right – the OnePlus Nord 2 x PAC-MAN Edition glows in the dark, showcasing a maze inspired by the classic game. Seriously, you need to see this thing. But that comes later…

Next up – software. With the Nord 2 x PAC-MAN Edition, we haven’t just overhauled OxygenOS’s UI and filled it with nods to PAC-MAN (although, we’ve done both of those things). Instead, we’ve gamified the device’s software experience by inserting games, challenges, and lots of exclusive (and hidden) PAC-MAN content throughout, some of which you’ll need to unlock. Think of it like mastering an arcade game, only without spending a ton of quarters.

You can find out more details about the Nord 2 x PAC-MAN Edition smartphone over at OnePlus at the link below. The device will be available within 12GB of RAM and it will come with 256GB of storage, it will retail for €529, £499.

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