OnePlus adding Google Assistant Ambient Mode to several of its phones

OnePlus Ambient Mode Google Assistant

OnePlus phones are getting a new Google Assistant feature.

Ambient Mode is coming to several OnePlus phones. Meant to be a proactive version of Google Assistant, Ambient Mode will show you info like the weather, your agenda, entertaiment, reminders, and more.

For example, Ambient Mode might show you how long it’ll take you to commute to work along with the next item on your calendar. It can also show your current notifications, letting you know which apps need your attention at a glance. The weather and time can be displayed, too, along with shortcuts for things like Do Not Disturb and smart home toggles.

You can also use Ambient Mode to turn your phone into a digital photo frame.

Ambient Mode is activated when your phone is being charged.

Available on the OnePlus 3 and later, you should get an alert when Ambient Mode becomes available on your OnePlus phone. You can also manually check to see if it’s available by launching the Google app and selecting More > Settings > Google Assistant > the Assistant Tab > Devices (Phone).

OnePlus does say that Ambient Mode is being rolled out in stages and that it could take up to a week to reach its full release.

Ambient Mode is a super handy feature to help you get more information from your phone while it’s charging. Most devices just show the date and time along with your notifications and maybe the weather while they’re charging. With Ambient Mode enabled, you can get all those details along with your upcoming schedule and some useful quick toggles.

We’ve seen Ambient Mode roll out to some Android devices ever since Google announced it last year, but it isn’t exactly widespread. It’s great to see OnePlus phones getting it now, especially since the feature is being offered to models as far back as 2016’s OnePlus 3. 

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