OnePlus 8 wireless charging rumors gain support after OnePlus joins WPC

OnePlus 7T

A recent rumor claimed that the OnePlus 8 Pro might become the first OnePlus phone to support wireless charging, and now a new tidbit of info has come out to support that claim.

OnePlus has recently joined the Wireless Power Consortium. The company is listed as an OEM/ODM supplier and is a full member of the WPC (via Mobile Scout, Android Police)

The Wireless Power Consortium is the group that developed the Qi wireless charging standard, and only WPC members can have their products certified. Companies like Apple, Google, Samsung, and LG are all members of the WPC as well.

While OnePlus joining the Wireless Power Consortium isn’t definite confirmation that an upcoming OnePlus phone will include Qi wireless charging, it does support those rumors. It is possible that OnePlus is planning to add wireless charging to an upcoming accessory like a pair of headphones, but given the recent OnePlus 8 rumors, the chances of an upcoming OnePlus phone sporting wireless charging do seem to be growing.

OnePlus Wireless Power Consortium

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