OnePlus 8 will reportedly launch on Verizon with 5G support

OnePlus 7T rear cameras

After launching a few of its recent devices on T-Mobile, OnePlus will apparently be partnering up with another carrier for its next smartphone release.

The OnePlus 8 will reportedly launch on Verizon with 5G support. A report from Android Police says that the regular OnePlus 8 is likely the model that’s coming to Verizon, and there’s no indication that the OnePlus 8 Pro will be joining the non-Pro model on Verizon’s shelves.

It’s unclear when the OnePlus 8 might launch or how much it might cost when it does. The OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro launched in mid-May last year, so it’s possible that the OnePlus 8 will arrive around the same time this year, but there’s no solid info on the launch date yet.

Finally, today’s report mentions that the OnePlus 8 will likely come with Verizon’s full pack of customizations. That includes preloaded Verizon apps as well as support for Wi-Fi calling and VoLTE on the big red carrier.

Getting its next flagship phone on Verizon is a big deal for OnePlus. Some recent OnePlus phones have been certified to work on Verizon, but that still required customers to buy an unlocked OnePlus phone and then bring it onto Verizon’s network themselves. Getting an official launch on Verizon means that the phone will be available in VZW’s physical and retail stores, which will get it in front of many more people since most U.S. consumers still buy their phones directly from their carrier.

Plus, while T-Mobile has sold a few of OnePlus’s recent phones, Verizon is still larger than T-Mo when it comes to total customers (118.6 million vs 84.2 million as of Q3 2019). This means OnePlus will be getting its next phone in front of way more people than before. And considering how T-Mobile and OnePlus have partnered for a few smartphone releases now, we could see the OnePlus 8 on T-Mo as well as Verizon, which would be even better for OnePlus.

Does a Verizon OnePlus 8 interest you?

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