OnePlus 8 Pro might include wireless charging

OnePlus 8 Pro render

OnePlus has so far resisted adding wireless charging to its smartphones, but that may finally be changing this year.

The OnePlus 8 Pro is rumored to include wireless charging support. Leaker Max J. posted an image of a phone sitting on a wireless charging to Twitter with the caption “Charge like a pro.” While the OnePlus 8 Pro isn’t specifically named in the tweet, the inclusion of the word “pro” and the design of the phone matching leaked OnePlus 8 Pro renders suggest that the OP8 Pro is being referenced here.

Wireless charging has become more common among smartphones in recent years, but OnePlus has passed on it with all of its devices to date. The company has said that wireless charging is “inferior” and has instead touted its wired Warp Charge fast charging as the superior option.

While it’s true that wireless charging is slower than most wired charging options, it’s also a more convenient way to power up your phone. With a wireless charging pad, you can just drop your phone down on your desk, counter, or table and let it get some juice while you’re going about your day.

Details on this possible OnePlus wireless charging feature are still light, so it’s unclear how fast it might be. Regardless of the speed, we’re sure that there would be a lot of people happy to see OnePlus finally embrace wireless charging with the 8 Pro. 

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