OnePlus 7T was almost released in a gold color option

OnePlus 7T gold

The OnePlus 7T is available in two color options: Frosted Silver and Glacier Blue. But according to a new leak, there was almost a third 7T color.

OnePlus made a gold version of the OnePlus 7T, and OnePlus designer Hao Ran shared an image of the device on Weibo (via IndiaShopps). They also teased that there were dozens of colors talked about before the OnePlus 7T’s release.

Gold phones can be a bit divisive, with some folks loving the bright color and others thinking it looks cheap or ugly. Even though this gold OnePlus 7T wouldn’t appeal to everyone, it is always nice to have more color options when buying a phone, so it’s kind of a bummer to learn that OnePlus decided not to release this version. While there’s nothing wrong with the silver and blue colors that the OnePlus 7T is available in, this gold would’ve provided a bright and fun alternative to those two hues.

What do you think of this gold OnePlus 7T? Would you buy one if it were released by OnePlus?

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