OnePlus 6T with Windows 10 is able to run Modern Warfare

WOA and OnePlus 6T

A developer who goes by the alias NTAuthority recently showed
off a
OnePlus 6T handset running Windows 10 on ARM operating
system. After some tweaks to the system, Windows 10 ARM on
OnePlus 6T works without any major issues.

NTAuthority has now shared more
progress on this crazy cool project and as per the screenshots
or videos, he was able to play Call of Duty Modern Warfare on
hacked OnePlus 6T running Windows 10 ARM.

It is important to note that OnePlus 6T is able to handle
Windows 10 on ARM because of its Snapdragon processor
and display that uses a Synaptics touchscreen controller.
Windows 10 devices are compatible with trackpads developed by
Synaptics and there are some ways to make the touch panel of
OnePlus 6T work with Windows 10.

OnePlus 6T WOA

The idea of running full Windows 10 desktop on OnePlus 6T is
not practical and it’s not something you would want to use it
on a daily basis. But it does unlock access to tons of new

As noted above, Windows 10 ARM-powered OnePlus 6T is able to
run game Modern Combat 2 and the game runs smoothly when
played with a connected keyboard.

In addition to Modern Combat, the handset is also able to run
apps like Chromium and even the system apps of Windows 10,
including Task Manager.

Chromium on OnePlus 6T

It is also worth noting that the community has been
experimenting with Windows 10 on phones like Google Pixel 3XL
and now OnePlus 6T. The work could pave the way for
installing and booting Windows 10 on more Android devices
and developers may soon consider publishing a tutorial or
an app that would let anyone try the OS on their smartphones.

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