OnePlus 6T rumored to launch at T-Mobile in October

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OnePlus teased earlier this year that it was working with U.S. carriers, and now it sounds like OnePlus may have found itself a partner.

The OnePlus 6T will reportedly launch at T-Mobile in October. A source speaking to CNET claims that T-Mo will be the exclusive U.S. carrier partner for the OnePlus 6T and that tentative pricing is $550. There will allegedly be a specific version of the OnePlus 6T sold by T-Mobile that’ll be optimized for T-Mo’s network, including 600MHz LTE support.

Finally, it’s said that the OnePlus 6T is currently going through T-Mobile’s technical approval process. If it fails to get that approval, its launch could be delayed.

Launching the OnePlus 6T on T-Mobile could be big for both companies. OnePlus has stuck to selling unlocked phones in the U.S. so far, so launching a device on a carrier could expose a whole new audience to OnePlus’s aggressively-priced flagship devices. Many consumers prefer to buy their new phones from their carrier, and with this partnership, they’ll get to see the OnePlus 6T before buying it and get it with T-Mobile’s monthly payments. Meanwhile, officially launching the 6T could make a switch T-Mo appealing for OnePlus fans and those who have wanted to try a OnePlus device but prefer to buy from a carrier.

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