OneDrive for Business to support automated transcription services

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Microsoft has announced that its OneDrive for Business
application will soon support automated transcription services.
The service will allow its users to create transcripts for
their video and audio files.

The new feature will be powered by the AI technology bundled
into Microsoft Stream and the process will take place in
Microsoft cloud. The technology will help users in both
improving the accessibility and search while viewing the video
or listening to the audio file.

“Once you’re ready to make a video broadly available across the
organization, you can upload and publish to Microsoft Stream.
You’ll continue to get transcription services plus other AI
driven capabilities, including in-video face detection and
automatic captions. Importantly, your audio and video content
never leaves the Microsoft Cloud; it is not passed through
potentially costly and insecure third-party services,”
Microsoft says.

Microsoft also confirmed that the feature will be supporting
not less than 320 different file types and help in utilizing
the personal video and audio assets. The feature also helps the
users to easily find the videos and audio files in the cloud
due to its automatically created transcript.

“While viewing a video or listening to an audio file, a full
transcript (improving both accessibility and search) will show
directly in our industry-leading viewer, which supports over
320 different file types. This will help you utilize your
personal video and audio assets, as well as collaborate with
others to produce your best work,” Microsoft said in a

The feature is expected to benefit the enterprise users since
they deal with presentations and it helps them to easily find
the specific media file just by typing the word or phrase heard
during the video or audio.

Microsoft hasn’t confirmed any time line as to when the feature
is expected to roll out to its OneDrive for Business but the
company plans to release it sometime this year. We would be
getting more info or details on the feature at the company’s
Ignite Conference which is scheduled to take place from Sept 24
to Sept 28th.

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