One UI 2 code hints at upcoming Samsung camera and battery features

One UI 2 code hints at upcoming Samsung camera and battery features
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The update to One UI 2 brings with it a lot of new features, as Galaxy Note 10 owners have been finding out recently. Now a new report has revealed that Samsung is cooking up even more new features for its custom user interface.

Code found within One UI 2 has revealed new camera and battery features that may be coming soon to Samsung devices. Spotted by XDA-Developers, these upcoming features include a Director’s View and bokeh effects for the camera and a battery health report.

Here are the new goodies that Samsung is working on:

  • Director’s View: The code in One UI 2 suggests that with Director’s View, you may be able to select a subject that you’d like your camera to focus on and then have your phone automatically track them. It may also help you get close-up images of your subject.
  • Single Take Photo: With this feature, Samsung may use AI to help you take the best photo possible. For example, it could help you to pan the camera around an environment to find the best framing for your shot.
  • Pro Video: This feature was actually available on previous Samsung devices but was then limited to just photos. With Pro Video, you may be able to change exposure, shutter speed, ISO, and color tone manually to get just the video that you want.
  • Bokeh effects: Samsung appears to be working on new Artify, Mono, Side Light, and Vintage bokeh effects for its Live Focus camera feature. The Glitch bokeh effect may also be coming to photos after first appearing for video.
  • Battery Health: In Samsung’s Settings app, there are references to a battery life status and ratings such as “Good (80-100% of original capacity)”, “OK (50-79% of original capacity)”, and “Poor (0-49% of original capacity)”.
  • Super Fast Charging for Galaxy Fold 2: A file was discovered with the name “bloom_front_charging_effect_superfast”, and it includes an animation for a pill shape similar to the one on the front of the clamshell Galaxy Fold 2. Super Fast Charging could help you more quickly refill the battery on your Fold 2 with anywhere from 25W to 45W fast charging.

These sound like solid improvements for Samsung’s upcoming devices. The company has long placed a focus on camera performance, and today’s leak suggests that Samsung is working on some new camera features for the Galaxy S20. And then there’s the battery health feature, which is something we’ve seen on other smartphones and can be useful for determining when it’s time for you to replace your phone’s battery.

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