Once-popular Windows media player Winamp is probably coming back

The media streaming world is now all about YouTube, Apple,
Spotify, and other paid or ad-supported free servicing
services. However, this wasn’t the case in the early or

In the early 2000s, desktop users just wanted to maintain their
own music libraries using apps like Windows Media Player or
Winamp, a third-party program that once dominated the music
streaming industry prior to the rise of internet-based services
like YouTube and Spotify.

Windows Media Player was the default media player on
Windows, third-party program Winamp was one of the number one
media players out there and it had millions of users on
Microsoft’s platform. In fact, Winamp was also popular on
macOS, thanks to the app’s capability to handle large music
libraries with ease.

A series of development changes (ownership) and bad decisions
mixed with the transition from local media players or music
libraries killed off Winamp. Winamp no longer holds a place in
the modern world, but the new company behind the media player
is ready to make a return.

Winamp media player
Winamp 5.8, last update from 2018

Parent company Radionomy has quietly updated the homepage of
the Winamp website with a new look
and hint at its reboot plans. Reports suggest that Winamp could
launch as an all-in-one app for Windows, macOS and mobile
platforms with support for the local music library, playlists,
podcasts, etc.

For those unaware, Winamp’s first update in years was
officially published by the company in 2018. The updated added
support for both Windows 10 and Windows 8.1. At the same time,
Radionomy (new owners of Winamp) said that they’re working on a
new Winamp for Windows and other platforms.

Winamp media player is back from graves

Winamp’s updated website includes a new statement suggesting
that the media player is making comeback. In fact, you can
signup for Winamp’s newsletters and get notified when the
redesigned player is available for Windows 11, Windows 10 and
other platforms.

“Winamp is a legend. A game-changer since 1997. A media player
with a heritage, and a vibrant community of 80 million active
users worldwide today. Want to see the new Winamp? Register now
to be first in line to be part of our Beta-tester team,” the
updated website reads.

Winamp parent company says the new app is made for the next
generation and it will connect you to your music on all
platforms. Previous reports also suggest the new Winamp will
bring all streaming services together, but it’s not yet clear
as to how the redesigned media player will integrate with other

Winamp’s future is still very unclear, but it would be
interesting if Winamp can pull off this long rumoured reboot

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