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Office 2016 for Windows
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Microsoft has just released Office 2016 Build 10813.20004 for
Insiders. The updated version of Office 2016 is out for Windows
desktop and you can download it on any supported version of the
operating system.

It seems to be a big update with a long list of new features
and improvements. Microsoft released the update on August 17
and you can download it if you’re a part of the Office Insider

What’s new in Office 2016 Build 10813.20004

  • No more bouncing to your browser: No more
    bouncing to your browser
    Links to OneDrive and SharePoint Online documents will open
    in desktop Office when you click them in your Office app. You
    have the option to update your preferences.
    But if you open Office links from the web (e.g. SharePoint on
    the web, Outlook on the web, etc.), these document links will
    continue opening in the browser for context continuity.
  • Rename your OneDrive or SharePoint
    : You can now rename your Word, Excel and
    PowerPoint files if they are stored in One Drive or
    SharePoint. In Word, Excel & PowerPoint, you can see this new
    Rename capability by clicking on the top-level app title bar.
  • Delete your OneDrive or SharePoint files from Word,
    Excel or PowerPoint
    : You can now delete your Word,
    Excel and PowerPoint files from the Most Recently Used (MRU).
    In Word, Excel and PowerPoint, you can see this new delete
    capability by right clicking on the file name from the
    backstage file list.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Word: We fixed a crashing issue when saving to the
    cloud. We fixed an issue where Design Mode was toggled on
    by default.
  • Excel: We fixed the macro recording icon visibility on
    the status bar. We fixed an Excel crash when closing a
    workbook after changing SmartArt Quick styles via context menu.
    We improved the visibility of selected comments in the Comments
  • PowerPoint: We fixed an issue that could cause a
    system beep upon opening certain files. We fixed a rendering
    issue with themes.
  • Outlook: We fixed an issue where Reply to encrypted emails
    was not working.
  • Access: We fixed a regression where users could not email
    reports. We fixed an issue where STSLIST.dll crashed IE due to
    buffer overrun on printf of version info.
  • Project: Various performance and stability fixes.
  • All Apps: We fixed an issue where the Save button was
    disabled when saving a document opened from email attachment
    (Word, Excel & PowerPoint).

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