OceanGate gets set for undersea trips to the ‘Grand Canyon of the Ocean’ in August

Everett, Wash.-based OceanGate is signing up citizen explorers for a series of deep-sea submersible dives in the Hudson Canyon, a channel off the coast of New York City that the company calls “the Grand Canyon of the Ocean.”

  • Four daylong dives are planned during the month of August, OceanGate said today. Each dive in the company’s Cyclops 1 submersible will carry a pilot, a researcher — and a trio of mission specialists who’ll be paying a group rate of $75,000 to participate. (That’s $25K per person.)
  • The dives will provide an opportunity to look for previously undiscovered shipwrecks and species. “Hudson Canyon is one of the least explored undersea areas, and yet sea life thrives here,” OceanGate CEO Stockton Rush said in a news release.
  • More information about the expeditions and travel arrangements can be found at the OceanGate Expeditions website. OceanGate also offers expeditions in Possession Sound, near Everett, and it’s gearing up for dives to the Titanic shipwreck site in the North Atlantic next year.

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