Now Loading: The Best Reveals From This Past Weekend


Now Loading: The Best Reveals From This Past Weekend

June 11, 2018Written by Cameron Teague

best e3 announcement

This weekend saw a lot of great reveals and announcements, that it really is hard to nail it down to just a single one, but we are going to try. We asked everyone on staff what their best e3 announcement was from this weekend. We saw EA, Microsoft, and Bethesda all have great conferences, with so many amazing games showcased, but there can only be one labeled as Best! Was it Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice being revealed, maybe Doom Eternal making everyone go crazy, or a little helping of Stars Wars Jedi: Fallen Order?

What did you think of our staff picks? What made the biggest impact on you from this weekend’s announcements?

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Essential Reading

  • Microsoft acquires Ninja Theory and Compulsion Games
  • Dotnod reveals The Adventures of Captain Spirit
  • Kingdom Hearts III releasing in January 2019


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