Notepad might become optional feature on Windows 10


Paint and WordPad, Windows 10’s Notepad app could become an
optional feature that users can uninstall in the future. With
Windows 10 20H1 Build 19041 (RTM candidate), Microsoft has
quietly added Notepad to the Optional Features section.

Windows 10’s Optional Features section, which can be accessed
from the Settings app, allows users to turn features on and
off. You can enable or disable things like Internet Explorer,
Windows Media Player, Microsoft Quick Assist, and several
language options.

Microsoft understands that many users want the ability to
uninstall any feature they don’t use and even popular apps such
as WordPad, Notepad, and the classic Paint are joining the
ranks of other legacy apps such as Windows Media Player.

Notepad optional features

As you can see the above screenshot, Notepad is listed in the
optional features page and you can uninstall the app
immediately. After the app is uninstalled, you need to restart
the device and Notepad will be entirely removed from the

Notepad uninstalled

Notepad will also disappear from Windows Run, Command Prompt,
and Windows Search results.

Like other optional features, Notepad can always be

By allowing users to uninstall Notepad, Microsoft is making it
much easier for them to install third-party apps like

Uninstalling Notepad makes it much easier to open third-party
apps with ‘Notepad’ command in Windows run and other programs,
but you still need to edit the registry value.

As for Paint, you can install third-party programs like

Notepad optional

Microsoft was planning to keep Notepad updated through the
Microsoft Store, but the company recently decided against
supporting the store-updatable version of the app.

While Microsoft hasn’t revealed why it decided against rolling
out the Windows Store version of Notepad app, it appears that
the company hasn’t given up on the idea yet. It’s possible that
Microsoft is laying the groundwork for Notepad store version by
offering it as an optional feature.

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