Nokia Lumia Photography lead joins Microsoft Surface team

Microsoft Lumia and Surface

In an interesting development, Ari Partinen, Microsoft’s Nokia
Lumia Photography guru, has joined Microsoft’s Surface division
to work on new imaging solutions for Surface products, such as
Surface Pro and Surface Duo.

Ari Partinen started
working as an “Image Quality” expert at Nokia in 2009 and he
was also responsible for Lumia photography features, helping
Microsoft turn the Lumia phones into one of the best camera
phones in the world.

On Twitter, the Nokia Lumia Photography lead confirmed that he
has joined the Surface division at Microsoft.

He didn’t go into any detail, so we don’t know how he will help
Microsoft, but he appears to be the new “Director of
Imaging” at Microsoft and it’s likely that he’ll contribute
to the development of next-gen Surface Duo-like products.

Surface Duo camera improvements

As we reported yesterday, Microsoft had posted job listings to
recruit senior engineers for the Surface camera team. In the
job listing, Microsoft also confirmed that it’s working on new
AI and ML features to
address the shortcomings of the 1st-generation Surface Duo.

Microsoft is also experimenting with other ideas to improve the
quality of the camera for dual-screen devices. For example,

in one of the patents, Microsoft detailed a camera with a
moving “imaging sensor”, which could allow the camera module to
be a lot thinner, especially when folded.

We don’t know for sure when new camera features will be
introduced for Surface Duo and the job listing doesn’t reveal
anything about the quality of the camera and its hardware
specs, so for now Surface Duo 2 camera improvements will have
to remain a mystery.

According to sources, Microsoft has already started working on
the next-gen Surface Duo with 5G and it’s expected to launch in
the second half of 2021.

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