No Man’s Sky Being Used for a Bitcoin Scavenger Hunt


No Man’s Sky Being Used for a Bitcoin Scavenger Hunt

August 10, 2018Written by Lucas White

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No Man’s Sky is a massive game, and now that multiplayer has been added, has that little extra dash of chaos that makes for cool headlines. In this case, a person who cares a lot about cryptocurrency is making a move that, as far as their goal is concerned, will help bring the digital currency and video game communities closer together.

Jon Creasy and his brother pitched in together on about $30 in Bitcoin, and sealed it up in a wallet protected by an encryption key. To get that key, you’ll need the “seed,” or a secret phrase coined by the pair. This is where No Man’s Sky comes in.

The “seed” has been split in half, and each Creasy brother hid their half of the secret phrase on different planets in the Endanko System. The codes are posted to a communication station, and each planet only has the one as of this story coming out. So, finding those will take some time.

In the meantime, SpacePirate Games, a developer working on a blockchain-powered game called Age of Rust, added another $200 of Bitcoin to the pot.

Once someone finds both pieces of the seed, they can theoretically put it together, crack the code, and get their Bitcoin, which may or may not still be worth $230 by the time it’s discovered. Of course, it’s also possible that multiple people discover it and fight over the wallet, or whoever finds it first forgets to re-encrypt said wallet.

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