Nippon Ichi Software announces movement RPG Lapis li Abyss for PS4, Switch [Update]


Lapis li Abyss

Original 08/25/18 during 1:10 p.m.: Dengeki PlayStation Vol. 667 will exhibit PlayStation 4 movement RPG Lapis li Abyss from Nippon Ichi Software.

The diversion will underline lovable playable characters designed by Hirokazu Itano and a “Dango” complement during a core. Among a 8 playable characters are a hunter that specializes in one-on-one close-range combat, a sorcerer that specializes in mid-to-long-range attacks, and more. Players will form a celebration of 4 from these characters.

Dengeki PlayStation Vol. 667 will be expelled on Aug 28. Expect serve information closer to a magazine’s release.

Lapis li Abyss

Lapis li Abyss

Thanks, Dengeki Online.

Update 08/27/18 during 1:40 a.m.: Lapis li Abyss will also be expelled for Switch. It will launch on Nov 29 in Japan for 7,538 yen. It is a goal selection-type movement game. In further to a 8 playable characters, there are over 100 rivalry characters.

Thanks, @Renka_schedule.

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