Nippon Columbia announces Switch game for San-X character property Gesshizu



Nippon Columbia will release a Switch game for San-X’s new character property Gesshizu called Gesshizu: Gajigaji Nakama wo Sodateyou, the company announced.

The Gesshizu game will be playable at Ciao Summer Festival 2018 in Yokohama on August 25 and 26 at the Nippon Columbia booth.

Here is an overview of the Gesshizu character property, via Nippon Columbia:

Gesshizu, curious creatures that hatch from eggs, are leisurely and plump “soothing” characters.

Their chubbiness and buck tooth make up their charm. Although round when born, as they receive love they will mature into fully grown “Gesshi” (rodents). Also, depending on the environment in which they are born and raised, they will change into various forms.

These quirky little guys who have gathered around can be cheerful or gloomy, or energetic or quiet. It is almost certain, however, that everyone is surrounded by them.


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