Nioh Sales Have Officially Reached 2 Million Copies Worldwide

Nioh Sales Have Officially Reached 2 Million Copies Worldwide

May 28, 2018Written by Anthony Nash

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Despite launching last year, Nioh continues to sell well thanks to its unique blend of Ninja Gaiden gameplay and Dark Souls difficulty. Earlier today, Team Ninja took to Twitter to reveal that the game has officially sold over 2 million copies worldwide. This number reflects both physical and digital sales but is impressive nonetheless considering the type of game it is.

Last month, it was reported during Koei Tecmo’s financial results that the game had sold 1,900,000 copies, which means that in between then and now, the final 100,000 copies needed to cross the 2 million milestone have been sold. If you haven’t picked up the game yet, players can now pick up a Complete Edition of the game that comes packed with all three downloadable expansions and a new item.

To check out what we thought of Nioh when the game launched in February 2017, make sure to head over to our review of the game:

Nioh is a game of highs and lows. It’s a tremendous blast when the combat gets to shine, but it often gets the spotlight after hours of tedium. Instead of crafting a tight 20-hour experience like Ninja Gaiden, Team Ninja has opted to create a title that had me constantly grinding. It’s a flawed experience that really has no respect for the player’s time, but one that I’m ultimately glad to have experienced.

Nioh is available now.

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