Nintendo Introduces A $20 Switch Charging Dock For Tabletop Gaming

Nintendo Switch Charging Stand Retail Box

One of the neat things about Nintendo’s hybrid Switch console is that it has a kickstand on the back for tabletop gaming. It’s part of what makes the Switch such an attractive console, as it ties into the system’s flexible nature—hook it up to your TV for big screen gaming, hold it in your hand for gaming on the go, or set it up on a table and play with friends. But what happens when the battery runs low? Nintendo is addressing that very question with a new charging stand, and it’s affordably priced to boot.

“With a handy port for an AC adapter on the side, the adjustable charging stand allows the Nintendo Switch system to be charging while in Tabletop mode, enabling longer play sessions,” Nintendo explains.

Nintendo Switch Charging Stand

Obviously you’ll need to be near an outlet so you can plug it in, but if you want to game on a friend’s kitchen table, for example, this allows you to do that for as long as you care to play. Users can also adjust the charging dock for different viewing angles to accommodate different play environments. And it’s durable, according to Nintendo.

“The compact and sturdy stand will work with any flat surface, like a tray table on an airplane or a dorm room desk. While not required, the adjustable charging stand makes playing in tabletop mode more convenient,” Nintendo added.

We’ll reserve judgement on its sturdiness until we have one in our hands to test, but it’s nice to see durability being a point of focus. By comparison, the integrated kickstand feels a bit flimsy, and it only supports a single angle. There are third-party stands available for the Switch, but to our knowledge, none of them are charging stands.

Nintendo’s asking price is pretty fair, too. The charging stand will be available to purchase for $20 starting on July 13, 2018.

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