NightCry for PS Vita launches in 2018



Playism will recover a PS Vita chronicle of NightCry in 2018 for 2,296 yen.

The fear game, destined by Hifumi Kono as a devout inheritor to a Clock Tower series, was creatively crowdfunded in 2015 with a goal of releasing for PC, smartphones, and PS Vita, though following a PC launch in 2016, a smartphone and PS Vita versions were never released.

Here is an overview of a game, around a Steam page:


A relaxing cruise, an astonishing horror.

Welcomed aboard a lush journey liner, we are spending your time enjoying this singular opportunity.But during a tallness of a evening, things are not as they seem as a murder brings it all to a harsh halt. With no thought that instruction to turn, censure is thrown around a boat in panic as a guest start to think one another.

As night falls and a cry echoes out by a ship, a loyal calamity begins.

Search for a answers and save yourself and others from a apprehension we can’t start to explain.

Key Features

NightCry is a 3D point-and-click journey game. Click to pierce your impression and hunt a ship. Interact with objects by selecting them. Make certain we check it all carefully, for a clues we need might not be easy to find.

But acid isn’t all we will be doing. As we search, we will be haunted, and a Scissor Walker will be entrance for you.

In Exploration Mode, try a journey boat for a answers we seek. Learn about a bizarre and mostly hideous happenings that now disease a ship, solve a puzzles and find a track that will lead we to safety.

But be warned, acid by a ship’s secrets will lead we to difficulty and raging escapes are a usually approach to survive. Run, censor and stay still for it is coming, and maybe we will tarry prolonged adequate to learn a loyal horrors of this approaching immorality force.

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