Next Windows 11 update will kill more Control Panel pages

Windows 11 is likely to get major design improvements in the
fall of 2022 and we’re already started receiving builds from
the development channel. Microsoft recently shipped
Windows 11 Build 22509 with much-needed improvements for
the Start Menu, taskbar and changes to the Control Panel.

Windows 11 includes WinUI and other design improvements for a
lot of pages. However, the old-style Control Panel is still
present in the OS alongside the Settings panel. The
Control Panel now has rounded corners to match the look and
feel of Windows 11, and Microsoft has also updated icons
within the Control Panel.

Microsoft has adopted a long-term strategy to migrate options
from Control Panel to the new Settings, and redirect those
migrated pages to the Settings.

For those unaware, this strategy was announced when Microsoft
started redirecting the configuration and system information
page from the Control Panel to the Settings. The transition is
still underway and most of the advanced options within the
Control Panel haven’t been migrated yet.

Microsoft doesn’t have an ETA as to when it plans to migrate
all options from Control Panel to Settings, but it looks like
Windows 11 Build 22509 or version 22H2 will be migrating
advanced sharing settings from Control Panel to the Windows

Advanced sharing settings

In Build 22509, you will find advanced sharing settings on a
new page in the Windows Settings app. Features like Network
discovery, File and printer sharing, and public folder sharing
will now appear under a page called Advanced Sharing Settings.

Control Panel network pages
Network and Sharing center retired in new build

As part of the migration efforts, Microsoft has also made
additional improvements to the “Printers & Scanners” page in
Settings. The device-specific pages within Settings can now
display more information about your printer or scanner.

Of course, you won’t be able to access network and devices
settings in Control Panel anymore. If you want to make changes
to advanced sharing features of the OS, simply to the
corresponding pages in Settings.

In a recent podcast, Microsoft officials confirmed that future
builds of Windows 11 will retire other advanced settings of the
Control Panel.

Microsoft plans to kill off Control Panel soon

These changes may not appear huge, but they really are
necessary to kill Control Panel completely in future.

According to sources familiar with the development, Microsoft
understands that Control Panel and Setting app duplicate a lot
of functionality, and it can be confusing for new folks.

The long-term strategy is to replace Control Panel with
Settings by migrating pages one-by-one.

We’ve already seen signs in last year’s Windows 10 preview
builds that Microsoft hasn’t given up on its plans to ditch the
Control Panel and this will happen at some point.

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