Next generation Windows 10 on ARM PCs will be powered by Snapdragon 850

Windows 10 on ARM
Image Courtesy: Qualcomm

Microsoft hasn’t given up on Windows 10 ARM project and the
company is committed to Always Connected PCs powered by
Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. According to a new report,
Qualcomm is working on Snapdragon 850, the same Snapdragon 845
processor but with a higher clock speed of around 3 GHz. The
processor also appeared on Geekbench.

If the reports are believed to be true, Microsoft partners will
launch more devices running Windows 10 on ARM in the
coming months.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 850 processor is, in fact, only designed
for Always Connected laptops and it won’t power the regular
smartphones. The devices from OEMs with Snapdragon 850
processor may hit the market sooner than expected.

Microsoft last year announced the Always Connected PCs from HP
and ASUS. It has gained a lot of exposure since 2017, and the
very first PCs have already been launched. It has received a
mixed reaction from both customers and critics.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 850
Image Courtesy:

Microsoft’s Windows 10 on ARM is a decent concept
but the
software giant still has to deal with some
limitations. Microsoft is making no compromises with
its Windows 10 ARM platform, and it’s likely thnext feature
update for Windows 10 e will include major
improvements in this regard. It means that such devices will
continue to receive improvements in terms of features,
performance and battery life.

Windows 10 on ARM devices provide stunning battery life and
devices are said to go to as much as one month per charge
in standby mode. In real life tests, the Always Connected PCs
also provide better battery life than regular laptops but the
performance also depends on a series of factors.

The report is a living proof that Microsoft is very
committed to continuing the rollout of Windows 10 on ARM and we
can expect new devices with upgraded Snapdragon processors in
the coming months. At this point, the ARM PCs are all about
Snapdragon processor but that won’t be the case in the future.

Windows 10 on ARM aims to make laptops work more like a
smartphone, and most of the smartphones are powered by ARM
chipset from Qualcomm. In other words, WoA paves the way
forward in mobile computing.

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