New tool from cloud startup Stackery streamlines AWS serverless development on local machines

Portland startup Stackery makes tools for developing serverless applications, which run directly in the cloud without spinning up a virtual machine. (GeekWire File Photo)

Cloud technology startup Stackery, a graduate of the Seattle Techstars program, released a new tool that promises to make developing and debugging Amazon Web Services Lambda serverless functions faster and more efficient for a wider range of developers, in their programming language of choice.

It’s the latest move by Stackery to improve the process of developing serverless applications, in which code is handled directly by the cloud and triggered by pre-defined events, rather than running on a dedicated virtual machine. Serverless computing promises new economic and computing efficiencies for developers and companies, but developing the applications can be cumbersome.

The new “cloudlocal for all” capability, announced Thursday morning by the Portland-based startup, makes it possible to develop and test serverless functions on a local machine, without going through the “brutally slow” process of deploying every change to the cloud, as explained in this post by Sam Goldstein, the company’s vice president of product and engineering.

The technology is available for free, with or without a Stackery account, expanding the availability of capabilities that Stackery initially introduced in an earlier update to its command line interface.

“We arrived at this pivotal Stackery update because there was a real need for reduced debugging friction and the ability to ship new functionality faster,” Goldstein writes.

Founded in 2016, Stackery has raised $7.3 million from investors including Voyager Capital, Steve Kishi of Hummer Winblad Venture Partners, Pipeline Capital Partners, and Founders’ Co-op. The company’s co-founder, Nate Taggart, stepped down as CEO a month ago, and Stackery said a search for his successor is underway.

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