New stats show Windows XP’s market share increased

Windows XP

Microsoft ended support for Windows XP in April 2014, and since
then, the Redmond giant is asking customers and businesses to
upgrade to Windows 10. NetMarketShare has released the new
stats and it confirms that Windows XP is still far from dead.

NetMarketShare’s March report had revealed that Windows XP’s
market share increased to 4.59%, and the latest report of
the month May shows that the OS has once again improved its

Windows XP is currently at 5.04%, no less than four years
after Microsoft stopped shipping security updates for this
particular OS version. So instead of getting closer to its
complete demise, it actually gains market, and that’s the worst

Windows XP market share
Image Courtesy: NetMarketShare

Windows XP dropped to 3.81% in February, and since then, the
operating system is growing, at a time when many people
considered it to be dead and vulnerable.

Windows XP continues to fight for survival

Microsoft invested millions of dollars in Windows XP, and all
these efforts paid off for the company with millions of systems
still running it. Microsoft pulled support for Windows XP in
April 2014, and the operating system no longer receives
cumulative updates and security patches, but the people are
still using it for some unknown reasons.

The security researchers have also confirmed that Windows XP
has become vulnerable to attacks and it puts customers’ data at

Windows XP was one of the best Windows version and some people
believe that vulnerability isn’t a strong reason to move to a
newer release.

Windows XP represented a major overhaul of Microsoft’s Windows
operating system and million dollars marketing campaign was
launched to promote the features.

Microsoft launched the Windows XP operating system on October
25, 2001, and it’s still being used today nearly 17 after
its public unveiling. Redmond-based software giant
invested millions of dollars in marketing as Windows XP was one
of the critical updates for the product, and its interface
is still used in Windows 10.

The latest desktop OS Windows 10 is available since 2015, and

it powers more than 700 million devices. Windows 10 is said
to be the last version of Windows, and Microsoft will release
feature updates for the OS twice a year with new features.

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