New Sprint promo offers an unlimited plan for $15 per month

Sprint event CTIA 2011

Sprint really wants you to try its network, and it’s willing to offer you a dirt-cheap unlimited plan to get you to sign up.

Starting tomorrow, June 8th, Sprint will offer a plan with unlimited data, talk, and text for $15 per month. “No catch, no surprises”, says Sprint. This plan will be available online and will only be available for a limited time.

There is some fine print with this plan that you should be aware of. It requires you to port in and sign up for a new line of service, and you’ll need to either bring your own phone or buy a new one outright. You’ll need to enroll in autopay, too.

Also of note is that your video streams will be limited to 480p, your music streams will be limited to 500kbps, and your gaming streams will top out at 2Mbps. You’ll also be subject to data deprioritization during times of network congestion.

Getting an unlimited plan for $15 per month is a pretty crazy deal, especially when it comes from one of the major four U.S. carriers. There are some requirements you have to meet to get the deal, but if you qualify and you’ve been thinking about changing carriers, this deal is worth considering. 

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