New Snapchat Spectacles now available with water resistance

We heard last month that Snap, Inc. was working on a new pair of Spectacles, and today the updated pair of camera-equipped sunglasses have been unveiled.

The new Spectacles have a design that’s not dissimilar from the original model, but there are quite a few changes that make them a worthy upgrade. They’re lighter than the previous version and look a bit more adult, offering more subdued color options and ditching the bright yellow ring around the camera for one that matches the color of the glasses themselves.

Spectacles are now water resistant, too, letting you use them in the rain, in shallow water, or while you’re working out. Snap does say not to keep them submerged for more than a few Snaps, though, so you’ve got to be careful to not get them too wet.

Snapchat new Spectacles red

Also of note is that the new Spectacles can take photos as well as video. Just press and hold the capture button to snap a picture, or press it to record a 10-second video. Photo resolution is 1642×1642, while video resolution is 1216×1216.

Other new features of Snap’s updated Spectacles, as noted by The Verge, including faster downloading of your photos and videos from the Spectacles to your phone, slimmer designs for the glasses and their charging case, and a second microphone. Battery life is rated to let you capture and transfer up to 70 videos on a single charge.

Snap’s new Spectacles are now available for $149.99, $20 more than the previous version. Customers can choose from Onyx, Ruby, and Sapphire color options, and you can even order custom Spectacles for your prescription.

The original Spectacles got off to a big start but couldn’t keep up that momentum, and Snap ended up losing near $40 million because it made more units than it could sell. After that, you may think that Snap may not want to try selling another pair of Spectacles, but this new model does have quite a few improvements over its predecessor. It’s a bit pricier, too, but perhaps the more subdued design and the ability to capture photos will help get people interested in Snap’s camera-equipped sunglasses again.

Snapchat new Spectacles black charging case

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