New screenshot reveals how Microsoft Store’s wish list feature will work

Wish list on Microsoft Store

Microsoft is
testing a new wish list feature for Windows 10 App
Store that would allow users to keep track of all the stuff
you want from the Store. The Wish list feature is supposed
to put everything into one easy to manage spot on your
PCs, tablets and web.

Microsoft has already removed the half-baked wish list
feature from the Windows 10 App and Web store.

Today, developer Gustave has shared a screenshot
of an unreleased update for Microsoft Store that shows off the
wish list feature. The screenshot shows a wish list page where
you can manage all your apps, games and other services. From
your Wishlist page, you can buy, install or delete any item.

Microsoft Store wish list

The Wishlist hasn’t made its way to the Store yet,  and
the wish list feature on the website is also not working as

Wish list

It’s a handy tool to help you keep track of apps, games and
other services that you want from Microsoft Store. Most of the
stuff available in Store can all be added to your Wishlist but
there’s no way to share your list with friends and family just

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