New Pixel Buds are truly wireless, launching spring 2020 for $179

Google Pixel Buds 2 official

Google’s Pixel Buds are getting a refresh.

The new Pixel Buds are totally wireless, ditching the wire that held the two ‘buds together on the original Pixel Buds. Google says that its new Pixel Buds can get a seal in your ear for better sound, but there’s also a spatial vent on the earbuds to help fight the plugged ear feeling.

Another notable feature of the new Pixel Buds is Adaptive Sound. With it, the Pixel Buds will adjust the volume based on your surroundings so that you’re not constantly tinkering with the volume yourself. You do have the option of swiping on the earbud if you do want to adjust the volume manually. When you’re on a call, beamforming microphones will help get you better voice quality. And of course, hands-free Google Assistant is available at your call at any time.

Pixel Buds 2 charging case

Google touts that the new Pixel Buds high long-range Bluetooth connections that’ll work from three rooms away when you’re inside or a full football field (100 yards) away when you’re outdoors. And when it comes to battery life, you’ll get five hours on a single charge with the Pixel Buds and up to 24 hours with the included charging case. 

The new Pixel Buds will launch in spring 2020 at a price of $179.

Pixel Buds 2 price launch date

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