New NVIDIA Shield TV appears at the FCC


The NVIDIA Shield TV is one of the more popular Android TV boxes around, and now it looks like a new model may be coming soon. 

A new NVIDIA device has appeared in the FCC with the model number P3430. The FCC listing describes the device as a “SHIELD Android TV Game Console”, but unfortunately the images of the device are hidden because NVIDIA requested 180 days of confidentiality.

Little is known about what upgrades NVIDIA might make to this new Shield TV box. A report from CordCuttersNews suggests that it could have an upgraded Tegra X1 “T210 B01” processor, up from the “A2” version of the Tegra X1 that the Shield TV currently uses. This new Shield TV model is said to be codenamed “mdarcy”.

We haven’t seen a ton of Android TV boxes come to market lately, but of the ones that are available, it’s widely thought that NVIDIA’s Shield TV is one of the best. The last time that we saw the Shield TV get an update was back in 2017, so an updated model would be welcome, even if it’s not a major update. The bad news is that we don’t know when the new Shield TV might launch, so anyone waiting for a new Android TV box will just have to continue to wait.

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