New MoviePass plan limits movies available to subscribers each day

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MoviePass announced a new rate plan for its customers earlier this month, and now that it’s live, it turns out that the plan is a little more restrictive than expected.

The new MoviePass plan allows subscribers to see three movies per month for $9.95. It’s now been revealed that MoviePass will also only allow its customers to see one of up to six preselected movies each day. The movies available will vary by day. You can see this week’s selections right here.

In an email to subscribers, MoviePass explains that this rule will be in effect “for the time being.” The movies selected will include a mix of major studio first-run films and independent releases. MoviePass also notes that showtime availability may be limited depending on how popular movies are on a particular day.

This new plan is a major change from the old MoviePass offering that let you see any move you wanted and allow unlimited films each month. MoviePass has had some major financial issues lately, though, including a recent service outage that prevented users from seeing movies because the company ran out of money to pay for their tickets. Now MoviePass is making changes to try and stay afloat while still allowing its subscribers to see films.

Are you subscribed to MoviePass? What do you think of these latest changes to the service?

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