New Microsoft Store app brings live animated desktop to Windows 10

Windows 10 live wallpapers

Windows 10 includes a wide range of settings to change the
appearance of the desktop and apps to make the operating system
feel more personal. Currently, you can switch between dark or
light theme, and change the color accent for the Start Menu and
Taskbar directly from the Settings.

You can also change the size of the Start Menu, Windows Search
enable Windows 10X-like Taskbar using the Registry hacks.

On Android phones, setting animated backgrounds is a very
simple process as the feature is integrated into all Android
app launchers. On Windows 10, the Settings app doesn’t allow
you to make desktop wallpapers out of GIFs (animated media),
videos, or web addresses.

The process isn’t so simple on Windows but it’s still possible
if you’re willing to use third-party apps.

There are tons of ways to enable live wallpapers or animated
wallpaper on Windows 10 and today we’re going to take a closer
look at a new open-source tool called ‘Lively Wallpaper’, which
is now available for download via the Microsoft Store.


Lively is an open-source tool hosted on Github and it lets you
use animated wallpapers made by others. You can even use Lively
Wallpaper app to create your own animated wallpapers.

Lively Wallpaper app

For example, Lively Wallpaper lets you import wallpapers from
your local storage or the web, which means you can use a
YouTube clip as your desktop background. The app features
support for native resolutions and supported video files
include WebM, M4V, MOV, AVI, M4V, and WMV.

Likewise, moving desktop backgrounds can be made from websites
as well.

This is possible because the app uses the Chromium open-source
platform to load HTML file, JavaScript, WebGL and other web
technology supported by Google. You can even use audio
wallpapers or create your own wallpapers that react to system

How to enable animated wallpapers on Windows 10

Using the app is simple. After the installation, it will ask
you to add the program to the system tray and startup apps

Once done, you can launch the Lively Wallpaper tool from the
system tray and select your favourite wallpaper from the
predetermined group of live backgrounds.

System tray

As shown in the above screenshot, Lively Wallpaper can be
accessed from the icon tray (also known as the system tray).
The app uses Fluent UI and a total of 12 wallpapers come
preloaded, but you can also add more wallpapers.

You can drag wallpaper or webpage from your desktop to the app
and set it as the desktop wallpaper. Additionally, you can also
set up YouTube streams as wallpapers and the quality can be
adjusted as well.

YouTube video as wallpaper

Lively Wallpaper uses less than 100MB memory in the background
and animations are paused automatically when you launch apps in
the full-screen window.

It has been designed to run on low resource devices, but you’ll
get the best results on a powerful PC.

You can download and install Lively Wallpapers by heading to
the Microsoft

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